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One To One Tuition

I currently offer one on one days to people that are interested. I have been asked a lot if I will do this as quite a few people can't get to the workshop days or would like to get help with their own equipment. I am currently running around 10 of them a month. The day can be tailored around anything from Solar, Lunar, Planetary, Deepsky imaging. I have a good knowledge of most types of equipment and how to get it all setup and working. Equipment I have used ranges from different manufacturers like Celestron, Skywatcher, Meade, Altair Astro, Lunt, Starlight Xpress, Daystar, Coronado, Movarian, Atik, Ioptron, PGR, Vixen, TMB, ZWO and many more.

Services that we offer:
•Equipment setup
•Equipment control with software Image capture
•All forms of image processing with multiple equipment and software

For One-To-One Tuition please select number of days required. Please also note additional expenses for fuel / accomodation may apply if we are travelling to you.
We charge a flat fee of £275 per day plus any fuel expenses, occasionally accommodation if over 150 miles from me. The day will typically run from 10 until 3:30. Due to the UK weather I have developed lots of ways of showing you how to use your equipment during the daytime, we do not need to sit out in the cold at night. However If you would like an evening session these would be £375 per night. These can be done 7 days a week to fit to your schedule.

What the customers say....
" I have visited Gary's house in Wales four times in the last few years for 1-2-1 lessons, once at my house which was my very first Solar lesson and i have also attended 3 group sessions. Which type of lesson is best for you will always depend on each individual, 1-2-1's are obviously more dedicated to your needs and the level of Astronomy you are at but don't out rule the group sessions as these can be a fantastic way of not only learning from Gary but also listening to valuable input from the group and hearing answers to questions you may not have thought of. I run my own Facebook Astronomy group and would not hesitate in recommending one of Gary's Astro Courses either by word of mouth or within my group." Mick Scott.

I use all sorts of software. Pixinsight, Nebulosity, AstroArt, PHD, Sharpcap, Firecapture, Photoshop, Lightroom, Acsom, Wireless control systems to name a few.

It might be a day working on software setup to capture images or a day on image processing. It's down to you to say what you would like and then we can work on a day around you.

What the customers say....
" I had no idea how challenging astrophotography would be when i decided to get into it. Going on youtube and forums is helpful and a good compliment to one on one tuition, but it is no substitute for an expert right there with you. I booked Gary Palmer who is one of the best in the game for one on one tuition and it was incredibly helpful and I learnt so much . Another cool thing is the after sales service at it were. Gary has been kind enough to continue to answer questions after we did our session. This is a must for budding astrophotographers." Phil Halper.

Feel free to contact me for prices and dates or for more information. Email me here. Or you can message via our FB group.

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