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Gary Palmer

I started off with the basics of a DSLR and some free software as a hobby, now I work at the top end of manufacturing equipment. I started off like most new comers to the wonders of the astronomy world. I now have the ability to capture a wide range of images and videos of most of the things we see in the sky: day and night on a day to day basis, in high resolution and not just solar, but deep sky and lunar. Through experience and self-taught knowledge, I have come to have a soft-spot for Solar imaging predominantly. But I enjoy all types of imaging and processing, and challenging the intended uses of equipment that I use to produce some of the best images around.

Over the years I have built up an in-depth knowledge, and good working relationships with many top manufacturers who now send in-the-making and new to the market astronomical kits from the basics to most advanced equipment for me to test for them. Once tested I am then able to provide advice and guidance as well as providing images I have produced with the equipment for publishing. I have reviewed equipment for magazines and TV programmes and have also been invited and taken part in many radio discussions worldwide on varying astronomical subjects.

I am currently a 'Fellow' of the Royal Astronomical Society, and I am also a member of The British Astronomical Association which I am proud to be a part of.

My dedication to imaging has at times been difficult as many will know that the weather and seeing conditions within the UK can be quite variable and therefore be testing when trying to capture images whether it be day or night. However, much of the equipment I use is either proto-type or for testing. I enjoy a challenge when working with all types of equipment by varying manufacturers. I have adopted a no-nonsense approach to this work which has enabled me to capture some pretty good images in a small amount of time. This has led to a great following on social media networks and I have had many images published across a variety of media including magazines and internet and have been shortlisted and won many competitions.

I currently offer many workshops across the UK and abroad to provide information on equipment, image capture, and processing. I also run "Solar Outreach" programmes at events to bring some of these products from manufacturers out for the public to use and see on a regular basis.

My workshops range from talking through the basics of simple DSLR imaging to the top end telescopes and cameras. I can also provide knowledge on free software packages to the advanced subscription services on the market and how to use them. With my experience I am also able to provide advice and guidance on the suitability of astro kit, providing recommendations based on a learner's needs and desire to image as well as accommodating any budgetary requirements. From a complete novice to the most experienced pro I can help you improve your skills by following a simplified structure. I am also able to offer 1-1 tuition catering for all your needs in the comfort of your own home or garden, again from the complete novice to a prolific imager or someone returning to imaging.

You can see more of my images on my photographic website here.
Also keep up with my latest work on my imaging group on Facebook here.

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