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Online Tuition

We offer online workshops tailored to your own needs, via Skype and Zoom etc. These can be for all types of image capture or processing, help with equipment setup, or any other astro related issues.

We can offer classes to small groups, organisations and manufacturers. Please call for a quote.

Feel free to contact me for prices and dates or for more information. Call on +447463967074, Or email me here.

Please select how many hours Online Tuition you require, up to 10 hours: You're welcome to give us a call to discuss how long you might require.

What the customers say....
"Yes, I would totally recommend this Astro Course with Gary Palmer, I'm based in the U.S. and the Connection via Skype have been a ease and no issues. Gary explains the whole process in very simple terms to were anyone can understand. He is very patient and willing to help if you have the drive, he always checks in and really cares for the individual. If your beginner or a advanced this is totally worth it." Tyler Bowman.

"I have been doing astrophotography for just over 6 months now. I started with a dslr and have recently moved onto monochrome. I was struggling with my image processing even after following various youtube videos. I won a course with Gary and he helped me understand the basics of what the software and images are doing. this helped me move forward a lot very quickly with my image processing. I would highly recommend Gary as he does also give lots of help on the other parts of ap. he showed me how to check my image train was always straight and how tou effectively use the histogram. Great session and I would highly recommend." Chox Sta.

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